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New take of Kill The Moon’s VNA cover, in honour of that sexxxxxxy promo image. This one actually feels more authentic in a way.

New take of Kill The Moon’s VNA cover, in honour of that sexxxxxxy promo image. This one actually feels more authentic in a way.

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They just aired a clip from Kill The Moon on the Graham Norton show.

As someone who recently had to deal with a fuckhuge spider revealing itself in my bedroom at night (luckily it fell into an empty tissue box so I could just throw it out), consider me terrified.

I can’t rewatch the clip over and over to pick it apart atm, but it did strike me how they only showed it in quite quick cuts. Definitely a good tactic.

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On top of featuring some fangasm-tastic authors such as Jim ‘The Natural History of Fear/Campaign’ Mortimore, the unofficial War Doctor charity anthology is also dedicated to the memory of Big Finish’s Paul Spragg:

On a personal note, the book is dedicated to the memory of PAUL SPRAGG who passed away in 2014 and, with whom, the initial idea of the Anthology was discussed. It was Paul who was so very helpful in providing for me contacts, names, numbers and email addresses of those who might like to help out.

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It seems that, probably more through rough direction/editing than any excess of cleverness, Time Heist is an episode of Doctor Who that actually requires your attention to make any sense. I’ve seen people ask some very silly questions about the plot, or just claim that they didn’t understand anything that was going on at all.

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I’m so upset I never discovered xxxtenxrose4everxxx before it got deleted. Seriously how do I sleep at night knowing I missed such hilarity?

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Moffat briefed writer Peter Harness to “Hinchcliffe  the s*** out of it for the first half” in terms of scares.

The Mummy was deemed too scary by the BBC and will require a later time slot.

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My god, three whole posts! God knows when I last posted this much about an episode

(Edit: That’s not a diss on other recent episodes by the way, but few ever actually make me want to come on here and write paragraphs on them immediately after watching.)

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More now than ever, Clara feels like a teacher companion. Specifically a teacher of children (rather than a university lecturer like Evelyn). One who can be the reliable, mature voice of safety and protection for younger viewers - comforting in a way that the manic, unpredictable, dangerous Doctor can’t be. Her career experience as a guider and carer manifesting itself. It’s fantastic because it’s a niche that’s so different from that of other revived series companions. Don’t want to blaspheme, but it ever so faintly reminds me of Barbara, and her dynamics with the First Doctor and Susan; both unearthly children she had to look after.

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Listen (spoilers)

I think one of the best things Doctor Who can do is help us as people, at any age but especially as children. So a story that actually engages with fear on an intimate, meaningful level, and reassures us that fear can help us find strength within ourselves (rather than, say, that fear is something to be banished or denied) is phenomenally worth doing.

12’s scene with Rupert was magic. As was that ending. Yeah, there will be kids going scared to bed this night because of that episode, but if even one of them takes the words of the Doctor and Clara to heart, then Doctor Who has made a difference. Which is precisely what it should be doing. Bravo.

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Listen is an instant rewatch just for the pleasure of it kind of episode. Well done, Doctor Who.

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Mask of Tragedy AND Signs & Wonders are both out. I know what I’m doing all weekend…

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The last conversation between Robin and 12 outside the TARDIS was great, and honestly, it left me wondering where that level of creativity and commitment to the premise had been for the rest of the episode. If I have a problem with Gatiss episodes, it’s that they never feel as fun or interesting as they could have been. (And wow, does he half-arse his resolutions or what??)

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