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One way in which the 2013 Cybermen are a bit more faithful to Classic’s than the 2006 Cybermen were, can be identified by looking at the limbs.

2006’s Cybermen seem to have limbs made from black/dark grey fibres, guarded by several metallic tubes and cones - which don’t conform to the shape of the limb, and either stick out or flare out at the ends, resulting in the Cybermen seeming very angular and mechanical.

If you look at Classic Cybermen, obviously it’s in part down to the cheapness of the costumes, but if you look at the arms or legs of pretty much any Classic version, it’s just the material (which might be tight or a bit baggy, plus maybe some tubes or padding). The human form isn’t very obscured by any big metal bits, they look like people. And that’s kind of creepy, isn’t it

Rest under the cut because man I need to stfu.

2013 Cybermen still have the “thick metal plating” thing going on, so it’s not THAT much of a throwback, but they adopt a very sleek approach. The ‘metal’ follows the limb much more naturally, slimmer and with subtle curves to accomodate rather than oppose the human shape.

When you look at it you are reminded more of a person, than just a bit of metal with a human brain shoved in - whether this actually comes through is all dependent on how they move and act, but the clip of one nicking Clara’s mace looks pretty fierce (whereas a 2006 cyberman might go *CLUNK* *GRAB* *WHIRR* *CLUNK* *STOMP* *STOMP*)

TL;DR the new new Cybermen look more humanoid which is good.

Sorry about this stupid post, they look so good  I may actually be sexually attracted to them

PS. The new new Cybermen have a lot going on up front, with that light-up disc and prominent stomach segment that stands out when they walk. I view this as some sort of modern analogue to all that gear the Classic Cybermen carried around on their fronts.

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