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There's always a bit left over, isn't there?  We're all stories in the end...  Doctor who?  
Remember when I made that post about how I kind of really side-eye people who say they hate companions?
Well, this is a fine example of the sort of thing I was getting at.

Remember when I made that post about how I kind of really side-eye people who say they hate companions?

Well, this is a fine example of the sort of thing I was getting at.

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Controversial private dream Murray Gold successor choice: Cristobal Tapia de Veer (Utopia).

Not sorry. It would be amazing.

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Flatline! (spoilers etc.)

Flatline was another delightfully weird and fun episode in what’s been, for me, one of the show’s strongest runs. My personal ‘this is fucking horrifying’ moment for this week has to be the nervous system on the wall; I noticed it moments before the characters did, and jesus christ, Doctor Who! Just no. Way too visceral. (Which means please keep going.)

(I do note that there seem to be at least two ‘camps’ forming in online fandom - one for people who think the challenging and character-focused episodes e.g. Listen are the best things ever, and one for people who think the ‘traditionalism plus imaginative twist’ episodes e.g. Mummy/Flatline are the best things ever. While I unabashedly fall into the former camp and am slightly mystified by the latter, I’m at least glad that everyone who actually likes the show has something to be happy about.)

In this paragraph, I was going to put a big moan about the played-out-ness of the “I’m the one total bastard character who you really hate and I only exist so you can be a bit miffed when I’m one of the few to survive at the end” archetype (for the record I didn’t mind it in The God Complex because at least Gibbis’ characterisation fed into the ‘faith and fear’ themes of the story). But it did strike me - Fenton, who harasses Rigsy for his graffiti-spraying ways, is shown to have a total lack of imagination. Which, while it reads as “generic total bastard trait #18934”, is actually quite defining in the context of the episode’s little comment in favour of street art and free expression (graffiti saves the day!). All of this is very much at the sidelines however - the real Point with a capital P in this episode lies in Clara becoming surrogate Doctor, and the story underneath doesn’t reach to be much more than a spooky framework in which that can happen.

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My most rewatched bit of MotOE at the moment is 12’s final confrontation with the Mummy. On top of being rather marvelously performed by Capaldi, it almost feels like a gleeful send-up of NuWho’s compressed storytelling - you thought 45 minutes was rushing? Let’s do it in 1 minute!

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I think disliking something is fine, and nothing is perfect/without flaws for criticism, but - and I’m just thinking of NuWho at present, with fandom’s ongoing relationship to a continually progressing work - when people sincerely say they ‘hate’ Rose, or ‘hate’ Martha, or ‘hate’ Donna, or ‘hate’ Amy, or ‘hate’ River, or ‘hate’ Clara, I just get a bit…”I hope I don’t meet you in real life”-sort of feeling.

post 2 of 2 I can think of right now doctor who nuwho edit: that's not to exclude rory by the way but i never seem to notice him catching as much flak edit 2: or jack harkness/etc. either

Sometimes it just hits me again when I’m looking at screencaps or gifsets or clips and stuff - wow, Barbara was fucking brilliant.

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Kill the Moon has really been exposing a whole bunch of ugly tendencies among online DW fandom (I’m not thinking of Tumblr in particular, although I’m sure it’s occurring here too). On top of the requisite exaggerated cynicism and failure of imagination, you can sprinkle in some of the irrational hatred of female characters followed up by a generous helping of hopelessly reductive thinking, and a dash of inability to empathise…it seems like an episode almost tailor-made to draw out everything shitty about us in general.

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It’s a bit frustrating seeing people tearing their hair out over “where did all that mass come from?!?!? why didn’t anyone say it was impossible?!?!” when we’re talking about a canon of fictional works that openly acknowledges the existence of other, imperceptible planes of reality and dimensions, and in which the characters routinely encounter just about anything else ‘impossible’ that the imagination could cook up, such as a time vortex that you can pilot a magic box into.

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Not gonna lie: I did recoil from the screen with a bit of a squeal when the closeup of the Mummy’s face showed up in the next time trailer. Good god that thing is hideous…how wonderful.

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KTM was fab by the way. Eager to rewatch it without the burden of pre-existing expectations.

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Should the day ever come when moaning about Doctor Who doesn’t overlap overwhelmingly with a “Youtube comments” level of literary analysis…that’ll be the first sign we’re really in trouble.

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I haven’t read a lot of VNAs, but I’d noticed a few people remarking that Listen felt a bit like one, and I had a thought as to partially why.

They take the TARDIS to significantly different settings throughout the story, each setting having its own chunk of the narrative. The most immediate comparison of the VNAs I’ve recently read would be The Left-Handed Hummingbird, which goes from the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan to 1968 London to a certain ill-fated boat. Rather than the one-and-done trip that your average NuWho episode will encapsulate, there is the sense of a larger story running through a whole sequence of journeys, with the Doctor going out of his way to solve the problem of the day.

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What’s wrong with scared? Scared is a superpower! Your superpower. There is danger in this room. And guess what? It’s you! Do you feel it? Do you think he feels it? Do you think he’s scared? Nah. Loser!

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New take of Kill The Moon’s VNA cover, in honour of that sexxxxxxy promo image. This one actually feels more authentic in a way.

New take of Kill The Moon’s VNA cover, in honour of that sexxxxxxy promo image. This one actually feels more authentic in a way.

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