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There's always a bit left over, isn't there?  We're all stories in the end...  Doctor who?  

My god, three whole posts! God knows when I last posted this much about an episode

(Edit: That’s not a diss on other recent episodes by the way, but few ever actually make me want to come on here and write paragraphs on them immediately after watching.)

doctor who listen

More now than ever, Clara feels like a teacher companion. Specifically a teacher of children (rather than a university lecturer like Evelyn). One who can be the reliable, mature voice of safety and protection for younger viewers - comforting in a way that the manic, unpredictable, dangerous Doctor can’t be. Her career experience as a guider and carer manifesting itself. It’s fantastic because it’s a niche that’s so different from that of other revived series companions. Don’t want to blaspheme, but it ever so faintly reminds me of Barbara, and her dynamics with the First Doctor and Susan; both unearthly children she had to look after.

clara oswald doctor who listen

Listen (spoilers)

I think one of the best things Doctor Who can do is help us as people, at any age but especially as children. So a story that actually engages with fear on an intimate, meaningful level, and reassures us that fear can help us find strength within ourselves (rather than, say, that fear is something to be banished or denied) is phenomenally worth doing.

12’s scene with Rupert was magic. As was that ending. Yeah, there will be kids going scared to bed this night because of that episode, but if even one of them takes the words of the Doctor and Clara to heart, then Doctor Who has made a difference. Which is precisely what it should be doing. Bravo.

spoilers doctor who listen peter capaldi twelfth doctor

Listen is an instant rewatch just for the pleasure of it kind of episode. Well done, Doctor Who.

doctor who listen twelfth doctor

Mask of Tragedy AND Signs & Wonders are both out. I know what I’m doing all weekend…

doctor who big finish mask of tragedy signs and wonders

The last conversation between Robin and 12 outside the TARDIS was great, and honestly, it left me wondering where that level of creativity and commitment to the premise had been for the rest of the episode. If I have a problem with Gatiss episodes, it’s that they never feel as fun or interesting as they could have been. (And wow, does he half-arse his resolutions or what??)

doctor who robot of sherwood


What’s that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?
What’s that footstep following, but never passing by?

Perhaps they’re all just waiting.
Perhaps when we’re all dead,

Out they’ll come a-slithering,
From underneath the bed.

doctor who listen steven moffat twelfth doctor peter capaldi

Listen looks amazing. The general consensus from leak-watchers appears to be that it IS amazing.

doctor who listen
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BBC cuts a scene from “Robots of Sherwood”


btw the episode’s name is “RobotS of Sherwood” not “Robot of Sherwood”… plural, you know…

I know it was ‘Robots’ in the leak, but they changed it to Robot. It’s Robot in all official material (example).

doctor who robot of sherwood

Warning, beheadings…

Can I just say how alarmed I am that like less than an hour after the BBC announces it’s made edits to RoS due to the IS beheadings, there are reports of a woman found beheaded in a back garden in north London?

Like seriously WHAT THE FUCK. It doesn’t help that I just finished part 1 of Big Finish’s The Last Post which is all about people having their deaths predicted ahead of time.

doctor who robot of sherwood bbc

Upcoming 2014 Big Finish audios I am unquestionably sold on:

  • Signs and Wonders (Ace+Hex season finale by Matt ‘Afterlife’ Fitton, guaranteed to be good)
  • The Widow’s Assassin (6 reunites with Peri by Nev ‘Peri & The Piscon Paradox’ Fountain, guaranteed to be good)
  • Dark Eyes 3 (entire Doctor v Master box set by Matt ‘Entire second half of DE2’ Fitton, guaranteed to be good)
  • An Ordinary Life (Steven+Sara who I’m rather fond of in an unconventional Doctor Who story of settling in with Caribbean immigrants in the 1950s by Matt ‘Really fucking good Big Finish writer if you hadn’t noticed’ Fitton, guaranteed to be good)
doctor who big finish matt fitton nev fountain

I’m very excited for the series 8 soundtrack because it sounds like Murray Gold is pushing himself to sound different and, in places, even a bit more akin to the classic series. I really enjoy the synthtastic score of the spaceship chase at the start of Into the Dalek, for example.

murray gold doctor who into the dalek
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