Bit of a mess.

It's fine. You're doing fine. Just stay calm.

There's always a bit left over, isn't there?  We're all stories in the end...  Doctor who?  

Thing that makes me frown often:

convertingtowhovianity's last post was about 8 months ago. She was doing a series of very sweet, (VERY) enthusiastic liveblogs of her first NuWho watch from Series 1 up towards the present. Her love for the show was infectiously immense, and while she was unafraid to criticise it where it left her unsatisfied, she never came in with the in-built cynicisms and prejudgements that so many fans (me included) have. She had a real appreciation of the imagination and thought that went into making it all.

After really enjoying Series 5, she had just made it up to the end of The Pandorica Opens - the worst moment possible, right at the cliffhanger. Her last post to date was roughly a month after that, near Christmas, explaining that she’d had to stop due to high workload and that she’d hopefully be able to get back to posting that very night. Then she simply disappeared.

Just to be clear, anyone is free to stop posting if they want, and they don’t have to explain themselves to a bunch of strangers on the Internet. But I can’t help but worry that something may have happened…I’m sure I speak for everyone who was following her when I say, I hope she’s safe and happy. And that she caught/catches up with DW at some point, because good god I bet she’d love certain later episodes. :)

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Destroy us if you will - they’re still gonna close your restaurant!

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Of all the dumb subgenres of Doctor Who criticism, the “let’s explain why the ratings have fallen” is probably my favorite, due to its impressive ability to become hopelessly wrong before actually getting around to saying anything. 

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Deep Breath is very rewatchable. I put on a little bit and I end up playing through half the episode before remembering what the hell I was meant to be doing.

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I’m troubled; I’ve seen at least one person sincerely claim that the ‘Captain, my Captain’ bit in Deep Breath had been reshot to include a Robin Williams homage. Reshot 12 days before airing. To insert a three word line. Er…

Anyway, it was in the script, which leaked as early as July.

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Suddenly, this video seems incredibly relevant again.

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Why yes I do love the blatant 80s influence of the new theme tune, why do you ask?

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Feels a bit late to be doing a reaction post, but…thoughts

Spoilers obviously. Naturally I enjoyed the hell out of it; a character driven (deliciously leisurely-paced) romp with a bit of gothic horror flair - I have begun to earnestly love Clara, and 12 is magic. It feels like the stumbling blocks have finally been kicked over, and Doctor Who can get on with the badassery people have been craving from it constantly.

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That was worth it.

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BBC people talking about their Capaldi-style eyebrow profile pictures. I’m amazed Tumblr doesn’t seem to have latched onto this yet.

BBC people talking about their Capaldi-style eyebrow profile pictures. I’m amazed Tumblr doesn’t seem to have latched onto this yet.

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Why Capaldi, and others, instinctively call him ‘Doctor Who’ in interviews etc.

'The Doctor' is what he's called in-universe. But 'Doctor Who', in reflecting both his title and the title of the show, refers to the Doctor as a cultural entity in the real world. A magical creature in our collective subconscious.

It’s like his mythical name, his bedtime story name - think Santa Claus. Or Bloody Mary.

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