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Oh my god Revenge of the Swarm’s cover is by Tom Webster (remember my post about his beautiful covers eg The War To End All Wars?) I hope he’s doing this whole trilogy. His artwork looks stonkingly professional and cinematic.

I’d actually post or reblog the image, but it’s kind of a spoiler for the VERY SPECIFIC set of people who a) have heard Gods and Monsters and b) have somehow still NOT heard Afterlife. So just in case.

But god it looks good.

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So I just listened to “Mary’s Story”


None. Of. You. Bitches. Warned. Me. 

That was completely, mind-blowingly fantastic. It ticked just about every single one of my “things I like in Doctor Who” tickboxes. I’ve been putting off listening to this audio for well over a year, thinking it wouldn’t be to my tastes. How wrong I was. 

For those of you who haven’t heard it yet: the Eighth Doctor, pre-Charlotte, meets the Eighth Doctor, post-Lucie. And that’s all I’m going to spoil. Everyone in this fandom get off your butts and go listen to it

You can also get it as a single episode for much less if you’re cash strapped

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The Foe From The Future was awesome. I wonder if it’s even actually better served on audio than it would have been on TV, there’s some real budget-busting spectacles in here (the Pantophagian…)

I did have the advantage of listening to it one part per day, rather than in a marathon. So if there was some kind of huge padding/pacing messup in the middle, I don’t think I noticed.

I imagine the impact it would have left on the series had it been produced. Jalnik would definitely have gone down as a great example of an OTT Doctor Who baddie done right. The Pantophagian would probably have been brought back for various formats.

Four busted out so many hilarious one-line rebuttals I instantly fell in love with him again. Leela was intense…and I KNEW I RECOGNISED CHARLOTTE’S VOICE FROM SOMEWHERE - it’s only bloody Louise Brealey! :D So yeah that was a great Lost Stories experience

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